What NOT To Do When Brainstorming

Setting a goal? Solving a problem? Getting unstuck? Your initial brainstorming session is one time to allow quantity over quality.
Christi Hegstad March 11th, 2019

This month, I offered ASPIRE Success Club members a tool for generating actionable ideas around their Bold Goals, as well as my suggested number of ideas. They are, as always, blowing me away with the quantity, quality, and creativity of ideas they have produced!

Sometimes when we set out to achieve a goal or solve a problem, our inclination is to act on the first idea that comes to mind.

But rarely is the first idea the best one.

Inspired Action:

This week, brainstorm several ideas for a goal, project, or area in which you feel stuck.

Make a list of possibilities. Or better yet, create a whole map of them as described here.

Allow yourself to dream. To be outlandish. To say, “If I had no limitations whatsoever, here’s what I might do.”

You can then separate the great from the less-than-great ideas, prioritize them, and design your plans accordingly.

There are times when quality over quantity prevails. A brainstorming session is not one of those times.

This week, brainstorm with a mindset of “the more, the merrier,” and let those ideas fly!

Something I hear from many clients when they first begin coaching is their desire to spend less time in reactive mode (troubleshooting and ‘putting out fires,’ so to speak) and more time in proactive mode (visioning, strategizing, and actually completing goals and projects). If you can relate, let’s talk. Even a brief coaching experience can make a longterm difference! 


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