What Kind Of Leader Are You?

Christi Hegstad January 27th, 2014


CLARITY KICKSTART: January 27, 2014

“Every one of us has the potential to be a leader every day.”

~ Levine & Crom

Coaching Tip For The Week:

I’d take Levine & Crom’s thought a step further: Every one of us IS a leader every day. 

Think about the eyes on you at any given moment: your team watching your actions, your kids eyeing your behaviors, your “audience” monitoring your social media posts. You lead in many ways each day. 

The question is, what kind of leader are you?
This week, choose a theme for your leadership. Will you focus on respect? Positivity? Integrity? Throughout the week, ask yourself how you’re displaying that theme in your words, actions, and communications. Let it serve as your anchor and guide for being the leader you strive to be. 

What’s your leadership theme this week? Share below, on Facebook, or via Twitter!

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