What Is Your 2019 Theme?

If you could describe how you want to feel at this time next year in one word, which word would you choose?
Christi Hegstad December 18th, 2018

What is your theme for 2019? What word or phrase do you want to guide your actions, calibrate your goals, and support your best self?

As I’ve shared throughout the year, my 2018 theme has been LIGHT. Whenever things felt heavy, dark, or otherwise un-delightful, I’d ask myself, “What would make this LIGHT?”

Sometimes the answer meant to change it, or change my mindset toward it.

Sometimes it involved decluttering or simplifying.

Sometimes it meant removing it from my work or life altogether.

This has not always been easy; in fact, in many ways, this has been an incredibly challenging year. But I can honestly report that I am wrapping up the year with a lightness I didn’t previously know, and I feel like I am heading into 2019 more clear, focused, and purposeful than I have felt in a long time.

Inspired Action:

This week, create a theme for 2019.

Check out one of my most popular articles for further ideas.

Feel free to share your theme with me!


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