Using Strengths, Delights, + Awkwardness To Change The World

The world needs what only you can offer. Are you crafting goals from that place of authenticity?
Christi Hegstad January 28th, 2019

Coaching Tip:

How often have you caught yourself comparing your results to someone else’s? Setting a goal out of a sense of ‘should’? Holding back because of what ‘they’ might think?

We’ve all been there. But here’s the thing: The world needs what only you can offer. We need you to be you, in all of your authenticity.

In her brilliant book, You Learn By Living, Eleanor Roosevelt follows up the above quote with this: “To leave the world richer – that is the ultimate success.”

Friends, you make the world richer by shining your light and sharing your gifts.

Inspired Action:

Give thought to what makes you unique.

What are you naturally good at and enjoy doing?

What qualities make you feel like the best version of you?

Even those things you may think are weird or nerdy or awkward (that’s where my list is the longest! :-)) – how might they serve as a source of inspiration?

Set, or refine, your goals from this place of uniqueness and individuality. Enrich your life, your motivation, and the world by being you.

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