The Two Parts To Extraordinary Results

Are you clear on both parts of the equation for extraordinary results? Do you actively practice both parts?
Christi Hegstad February 25th, 2019

Sounds easy enough, right?

But not always easy to put into practice.

The key involves enacting both parts of the equation:

First, knowing what matters most. If we have 43 core values, we essentially have none. Everything is important = nothing is important.

Second, honoring what matters most on a daily basis. Not periodically. Not just when we feel like it. And especially not “someday when I have the time.”

Inspired Action:

This week, choose which component needs attention – then dig in.

Unsure what matters most? Engage in some deep reflection. Conduct an authentic values clarification. Discern your priorities. Become crystal clear about who you are, your purpose, and what you stand for.

Know what matters most but aren’t honoring it consistently? Start making adjustments. Block time for your top priorities. Keep a Success Journal. Intentionally put your core values into action.

You can create extraordinary results. Start with clarity, align your actions accordingly, and the rest tends to fall into place!

My results – and life – changed dramatically once I became clear on my values and priorities and began aligning my actions accordingly. Coaching made the difference! Curious? Let’s talk.