Time Blocks For Loose Ends

Do you ever schedule a time block dedicated to cleaning up loose ends?
Christi Hegstad October 19th, 2023

Last week, I scheduled a block of time dedicated to tying up loose ends.

I had several items piling up – decisions waiting to be finalized and tasks needing completion. These items were necessary but not super time-sensitive, so it felt easy to push them back another day or week.

When that happens, however, the ‘lingeringness’ eventually gets to me. So I periodically schedule an appointment with myself and implement one of my top guiding principles: Decide And Take Action.

During that time block, I make decisions, take action, and commit to getting stuff done!

And I feel lighter afterwards.

This week, consider a task(s) that’s been lingering and would feel good to complete. Block the time in your planner, then Decide And Take Action!

Take note of how you feel afterwards, too – that can serve as helpful motivation!

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