When Things Feel Easier Said Than Done

A few questions to ask yourself when *doing* something feels more difficult than saying it needs to be done.
Christi Hegstad August 30th, 2020

“It takes the same amount of energy to worry as it does to believe.” – Unknown

These types of statements often feel easier said than done, don’t they?

Well, what if we follow that thought with, “What would make this easier to do, too?”

This week, focus your energy where it best serves you.

Whether you want to replace worry with belief, exchange an unhelpful habit with a helpful one, or make a shift of another sort, ask yourself a few guiding questions:

What would make this easier to do?

What has helped in the past when I’ve made a similar shift?

What would an expert I admire probably tell me to try?

Rather than discarding something simply as ‘easier said than done,’ see how many ideas you can generate to make the ‘doing’ easier.

Choose one, implement, and repeat or experiment as needed!

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