Succeeding In A Saturated Market

Already a ton of people doing what you want to do? Let that inspire rather than discourage.
Christi Hegstad October 13th, 2019

“But there are already so many authors / coaches / personal trainers / financial planners / bloggers / ________ out there. The market is saturated. What could I possibly bring to the table?”

Does this, or a similar thought, keep you from pursuing an idea or goal?

Maybe there are a ton of people already in your field or doing what you want to do. So what? Rather than discourage you, let it remind you that clearly a lot more people need what you have to offer!

And no one can do the thing in your unique and purposeful way.

This week, just do the thing.

Publish the blog.

Announce the event.

Submit the proposal.

Teach the class.

Apply for the role.

Create the art.

Trust me, the world needs your unique, positive imprint. We want to benefit from your gifts, and we want to see you succeed!

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