Staying Motivated When No One Seems To Notice

Whether a service, business project, or the daily dishes - how do we maintain motivation when it seems no one notices our efforts?
Christi Hegstad May 23rd, 2021

I now try to check in and ask myself: The thing that I’m chasing right now, if I got it and no one else knew about it, would it still be meaningful to me? – Jess Ekstrom

We’ve been talking in the ASPIRE Success Club this past week about how to stay motivated when no one seems to acknowledge, or appreciate, your work.
Whether it’s your latest business project, a service you’re providing, the behind-the-scenes effort you’re putting in, the dishes you’re continually washing … it’s nice to know your efforts are appreciated, isn’t it?
But how can we stay motivated if it seems like no one notices – or cares?
This week, consider the purpose – and the ripple effect.
Take the area where you’re feeling under-acknowledged and explore it from two directions:
1) The reason you began in the first place. Remembering why you started can rekindle the meaning and purpose behind the action.
2) How it benefits others. Everything you do, every action, has a ripple effect; trusting the impact you make can help you keep on keepin’ on.
When I start to feel a lack of acknowledgment, I also take that opportunity to ask myself, “When was the last time I acknowledged someone else’s work?” I am then usually prompted to write a testimonial for a small business, or send someone a thank you card, or email the author of an article and let them know what I learned from their writing.
How will you uplift your meaningful motivation this week?
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