Spring Cleaning Space, Mind, Work, + Life

Ready to let in a bit of fresh air, and some fresh thoughts and ideas along with it?
Christi Hegstad March 13th, 2022
Around this time of year, many of us (at least here in the midwest) find ourselves in spring cleaning mode.
Clearing away clutter, tidying up spaces, opening the windows with a flourish.
Do you breathe a little easier after a bit of cleaning up and clearing out?
This week, ‘spring clean’ one area of your life.
This might be a physical space: a desk piled high with papers, a closet overflowing with clothes, a catch-all drawer that no longer fully closes.
It could also be a not-so-easily-seen area, too. Consider your schedule, mind, obligations, and more.
Choose one area, make a plan, secure any help needed, and begin. Time to let in some fresh air – and its accompanying fresh thoughts + ideas, too!
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