Are You Shrinking Back Or Growing Forward?

Are you - perhaps unknowingly - holding back? Choose TODAY to move forward with strength, positivity, and a healthy dose of grace.
Christi Hegstad November 24th, 2019
How are you ‘shrinking back’?
Maybe you have a bold idea but dismiss it because you don’t know where to start.
Perhaps you’re giving up on a 2019 goal because “it’s too late” or “everyone is already checked out for the holidays.”
You might be comparing yourself to someone else, undervaluing your skill set, or letting fear dictate your decisions.
This week, take an action toward your future.
Stop getting lost in details, procrastinating, or letting thoughts of ‘what if’ rule the day.
Instead, make one phone call. Take one step.
Reach out to people, like those in the ASPIRE Success Club, who want to see you succeed. (If you’re not in ASPIRE, click here and join before Saturday.)
Savor this miracle of life. Live up to your absolute fullest potential. Move forward with strength, positivity, and a healthy dose of grace.
No more shrinking back – you are too important!


Enrollment to the ASPIRE Success Club occurs once a year – and it’s happening now! Visit the ASPIRE website for details and to join


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