Setting Your Magical Life In Motion

If all obstacles were removed, what would your ideal life one year from now look like?
Christi Hegstad April 29th, 2019
If I could wave a magic wand over your life,
what would be different one year from now?
Dr. Christi’s Coaching Tip:
I ask most of my coaching clients some form of this question when we begin working together. Responses that often arise:
  • I’d have more balance and be more intentional with my time.
  • I’d feel super confident in my role.
  • I’d quit doubting myself.
  • I’d have clarity and know where my future is headed.
  • I’d feel like I am living up to my full potential and making a difference.
  • I’d have achieved this goal that’s been on my mind forever.
  • I don’t know … I just know it would be different than where I am right now.
After working together for even a short period of time, they start to realize that with expert coaching, accountability, and an action plan, their pie-in-the-sky possibility has started to become their reality.
This week, stop wishing and start taking action.
Contact me for a consultation and see how coaching can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.
And in honor of International Coaching Week (which starts today), everyone enrolling in my 3- or 6-month coaching programs now until May 10 will receive a free Clarity Kit mailed straight to your door!
Improve your performance, strengthen your leadership, achieve your highest potential, or reach that goal you have put on the back burner for too long. The world needs what you – and only you – can offer, and I’d love to help you bring it to life!
I’ve opened up room in my calendar for a few more coaching consultations. Schedule yours today! 

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