Replacing Self-Doubt With Self-Reflection

Self-doubt showing up more than you'd like? Maybe you simply need to ask yourself some new or different questions.
Christi Hegstad July 24th, 2022
“Question yourself, yes, but don’t doubt yourself. There’s a difference.” – Charmaine Wilkerson
This quarter in the ASPIRE Success Club, we are focusing on mental strength: Building it, deepening it, and cultivating it in ourselves and others.
The above quote, which comes from a novel (rather than one of our nonfiction texts this quarter), beautifully captures how confidence and mental strength can exist right alongside open-mindedness, perspective, and a willingness to grow.
This week, replace self-doubt with self-reflection.
Instead of assuming you don’t ‘have what it takes’ if you make a mistake, ask, “What are three things I could do differently next time?”
Instead of criticism about not reaching your goal yet, ask, “What’s getting in my way? How might I change that?”
Instead of not applying for the role because you’ve never done it before, ask, “What would help shorten my learning curve?”
You’ve got this! You may just need to ask different questions.
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