‘Recovery Time’ As A Measure Of Success

Spreadsheets and charts are great - but not all success can be measured in numbers.
Christi Hegstad July 9th, 2021

Do you ever measure success based on your ‘recovery time’?

For example:

Maybe it used to take you a week to get over uninvited criticism; now it’s an hour or two.

Or maybe when you made a mistake during a presentation, it would haunt you for your next several engagements. Now, you assess, learn from it, and move on.

While spreadsheets, numbers, and account statements hold an important role in our goals, much of the growth we experience isn’t as easy to quantify – but is equally important.

Take a look at something you now do regularly that a year ago you didn’t know you could do at all.

Or consider what used to derail your thoughts for days that you now manage in a matter of hours.

Celebrate these wins, too.

They all count!

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