Quick Ways To Bring CLARITY To Life

Christi Hegstad May 6th, 2013


“More important than the quest for certainty is the quest for clarity.”

~ Francois Gautier

Coaching Tip For The Week:

On a scale from 1 to 10 – 1 being complete fuzziness, 10 being crystal clarity – how clear are you at work and in life?

Ambiguity, fuzziness, lack of clarity…however you describe it, it impedes our growth. You can likely think of a recent experience where unclear communication led to a big misunderstanding or where unclear expectations resulted in a project falling short.
Where do you need more clarity in your life? A good clue is where you currently feel the most frazzled.

This week, bring clarity into each aspect of your work and life. Enunciate when you speak, lay out your top 3 actions for the day, designate the milestone you will reach this week towards your Bold Goal. As an added gesture, wash your windows and clear up your workspace – a symbolic gesture that can actually yield very real results.

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