A Quick Mid-Summer Motivation Boost

Whether it's the so-called lazy, hazy days of summer or something else, this one action can reboot your motivation like nothing else!
Christi Hegstad July 21st, 2019

Hardly anyone I know experiences the so-called ‘lazy, hazy days of summer.’ A few have, however, mentioned feeling a bit less motivated toward their goals lately.

Whether due to vacation, increasingly warm days, or for no recognizable reason, experiencing a bit of a lull at this time of year is certainly not uncommon.

It may be that you’ve diligently worked toward your goals all year and need a little break.

Or it may be that you simply need a motivation boost.

This week, remember why you started.

What excited you about the goal when you initially set it?

How will achievement of the goal impact your quality of life? How will it impact others’ lives?

What will be different when you accomplish your goal? What will you be able to say about / to yourself that you cannot currently say?

What is the purpose of the goal?

Returning to your ‘why’ is one of the greatest motivators I know. Take a few quiet moments this week to reconnect with yours!

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