Purpose Leaves Clues

Purpose isn't a destination to be reached but rather a guide, model, and way of being. And, like success, purpose leaves clues!
Christi Hegstad June 21st, 2020
Purpose is a direction, like ‘west.’ No matter how far west you go, there’s still more west to travel. And like directions, purpose helps you choose where to go along the route.
– Leider + Shapiro

I love this description of purpose.

It’s a great reminder that purpose isn’t a destination at which we arrive, but rather an ever-present guide, model, and way of being.

Purpose lights the way for us to fulfill our highest potential.

This week, ask yourself purposeful questions.

For example:

When do I feel most alive, fulfilled, engaged?

What issues do I most want to solve?

When people describe me, what words do I hope come to mind?

Pay attention to when you feel purposeful in your work, with your family, in conversation, even in leisure activities. Just like success, purpose leaves clues!

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