Does A Positive Life Allow For Not-So-Positive Feelings?

There's a misconception that positivity means constant unicorns and rainbows. Here's my response to a recent reader question.
Christi Hegstad April 13th, 2020

“You always seem so positive. Do you ever feel down, worried, overwhelmed?”

Several of you have asked how I am handling this season. Today I want to take a moment to respond.

I am – like you, I suspect – experiencing the range of emotions that accompany change and uncertainty.

I am also reminding myself that, although certainly amplified right now, change and uncertainty are always present in our lives, and we are continually learning to navigate them.

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In addition to the strategies I share regularly on social media and my blog, here are a few things I am finding helpful in this season:

Engaging in mindset work. Journaling, self-talk, choosing – and re-choosing – my dominant intention for the day, for example.

Dwelling in gratitude. It’s been scientifically proven, many times over, to be a mood-lifter and a meaning-maker, and if I’m going to dwell on something this seems a helpful choice.

Leaning deeply into my purpose. This is *always* the lighthouse I return to, continually reminding me who and how I wish to be in the world. (If you’d like more on this, join my email community ASAP.)

Walking. A lot. Often with a mantra, focal point (ie, birds singing or buds on trees), prayer, or an inspiring podcast.

Using my strengths to serve. I feel more empowered when I am helping to empower others.

I am also honoring little things that bring a sense of order, like making my bed, tidying my workspace, and engaging in my morning practice.

Positivity isn’t about constant rainbows and unicorns. 😊 I feel the full range of life’s emotions – acknowledging them, allowing them, and then asking where I want to go from there. I also reach out for help, magnify optimism, and try to shower myself and others with grace.

How about you? What ideas, mindsets, or practices are you finding most helpful these days?


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