Opening The Doors Of Possibility

How might you help open a sense of possibility for others - and for yourself while you're at it?
Christi Hegstad September 27th, 2020
“Be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow.” – Unknown
What helps you hop out of bed in the morning?
It could be a delightful morning practice, a purposeful project, a conversation you’re looking forward to, or a 45-minute walk you plan to take that afternoon.
It could also be the ways you hope to make a difference in someone else’s life!
This week, help open a sense of possibility for others (and yourself!).
Some actions to consider:
* Help them set a meaningful goal.
* Encourage one of their passionate pursuits.
* Ask them what possibilities they’re looking forward to.
* Ask them what they’re grateful for.
* Celebrate small joys and tiny wins.
* Remind them of their awesomeness.
* Lead by example.
* Listen on purpose.
* Show exceptional kindness.
What would you add? Share your thoughts below or on Facebook! And take note of how helping others open the doors of possibility supports your own growing sense of possibility, too!
Christi Hegstad, PhD, PCC is the Certified Executive + Personal Coach for Achievers, here to help you bring your purpose to work, leadership, and life! Reach out today to learn more.

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