Not All Opinions Are Created Equal

Whose opinions do you allow to define you?
Christi Hegstad August 16th, 2021
Everyone has an opinion, but successful people don’t allow one person’s opinion to define them.
Amy Morin
I recently posted a story about some unsolicited advice I received.
I also mentioned the importance of considering the source and context of any opinions that come our way.
Not all commentary is created equal.
When I was completing my doctoral dissertation, for example, I wouldn’t give the same editorial credence to a stranger on the internet as I would to my degree advisor.
Whose opinions are you allowing to define you?
This week, focus on your own opinion of yourself.
Honor your values.
Live and work in integrity.
When you proceed with purpose, you can hold a healthy opinion of yourself – making it much easier to let anyone else’s opinions to roll off your back.
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