Motivated By Purpose

To whom do you compare yourself: Peers? Your past self? Strangers on the internet? Perhaps these questions will help shift your perspective.
Christi Hegstad March 7th, 2021

We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated by purpose. – Bob Goff

We often compare ourselves more than we realize, perhaps to:

* Peers

* Expectations of where we ‘should’ be by now

* What we think everyone else is doing

* Others’ highlight reels

* Our past selves

* Our future selves

* Strangers on the internet

I am all for being inspired by others and the possibilities of what could be.
But I learned a long time ago that comparison will nearly always leave me feeling like I’ve missed the mark.
This week, be motivated by purpose.
This may involve asking yourself new questions:
What makes me feel fulfilled? How could I bring that to life today?
What’s one thing I could do today that will make me smile thinking about it tonight?
What word(s) do I most want to describe me today?
If you have your written Purpose Statement, give it some extra attention this week.
Let go of the comparisons, and focus on who + how you wish to be in the world today instead!
Want to write your Purpose Statement in four steps? I can guide you – contact me today for a Purpose Statement coaching session!

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