Monthly Review – May Lessons Learned

The lessons I learned or was reminded of in May. What were your big lessons last month?
Christi Hegstad June 15th, 2021

Lessons and reminders that came my way in May – let me know below or on LinkedIn which one resonates with you!

1. Giant leap or tiny steps – progress is progress.

2. ‘Back to basics’ is often the best solution. Remember this when you start to feel overwhelmed.

3. Good or bad, positive or negative, easy or difficult … it won’t last forever.

4. Is there any feeling quite like that of RELIEF?

5. Excellent book + lawn chair + cool beverage = summer delight!

6. What seemed most pressing at the start of the year may have changed. Time to revisit goals.

7. My kiddos are among my greatest role models. I learn from / am inspired by them daily!

8. Things to let go: assumptions, unhelpful stories, things you cannot control, comparison …

9. Intentional time alone can be transformative.

10. It may not go according to plan – but it may still turn out awesome.

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