Monthly Review – January ’22 Lessons Learned

Conducting my month in review always brings with it some terrific insights, and January '22 was no exception!
Christi Hegstad February 3rd, 2022

January brought with it a lot of lessons! As I look at my month in review, here are five that rise to the surface for me:

1. Go where the energy flows.

2. A fresh start can begin on any day, at any moment.

3. Fuel yourself with inspiring ideas + surround yourself with inspiring people.

4. Simplify, simplify: “What would make this easier?”

5. Sometimes we have to take a step away in order to fully see the solution.

Does one of these resonate with you, too? What’s something you learned, or were reminded of, in January?

Wishing you a February filled with meaning + purpose!

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