Monthly Review – April Lessons Learned

Lessons I learned - or relearned - in April. Which ones resonate with you?
Christi Hegstad May 2nd, 2021

Lessons I learned / relearned in April:

1. Creating + sticking to a menu plan essentially feels like winning at life.

2. Non-measurable wins still count. (Ie, signs of personal growth.)

3. Discern carefully between ‘must do’ and ‘nice to do’ tasks. They can look similar but yield very different results.

4. This too shall pass … though not necessarily easily.

5. Taking 100% responsibility for your life sounds daunting but is actually liberating.

6. Savor ‘blossom season’ – it’s brief but beautiful!

7. Ask ‘what’s the lesson here?’ You might not have an answer right away, but the question opens the door.

8. Resentment is not a productive emotion.

9. Do the thing you’re putting off.

10. Critical thinking + meaningful conversation + open minds = a beautiful combination.

Do any of these resonate with you? What other lessons did April bring you?

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