This Might Sound Ridiculous, But…

Sometimes what we really need is a bit more of the ridiculous.
Christi Hegstad January 27th, 2021

The title of today’s article is music to my ears. I’ll briefly explain, then I’ll share three ways you can start to experience more meaningful ridiculousness in your work and life, too!

When I first ask a new coaching client about their goals, it’s not uncommon to hear the logical next step in their career path, or an area they could improve, or even what they (or someone else) feel they ‘should’ be working toward. It’s an important first step in our work together, but it’s rarely where we end up placing our coaching goals.
After talking through those initial ideas, I like to dig a little deeper. I might ask some questions like:

* What if you had infinite time, money, and courage – then what would you do?

* Imagine the publication you respect most in the world ran a feature on you three years from now. What would you love for it to highlight?

* At your 90th birthday party, when people give speeches about your awesomeness, what do you hope they’ll say?

This often leads to some pausing, some silence.
And then the magic words:
“This might sound ridiculous, but what I’d love to do is…”
What follows begins to clue us into their dreams. Their authenticity. Their purposeful imaginings of what could be.
That’s where the real work (and fun!) begins!

What’s YOUR Ridiculously Awesome Goal?

You may have noticed my website, social media, and other items stating a new way of sharing what I do:
Helping achievers reach ridiculously awesome goals that change the world.
And now you know a little about what’s behind that!
My strengths and gifts aren’t best suited to help you achieve ‘should-based’ goals that don’t fuel you. (Side note: See my post yesterday on LinkedIn for my thoughts around the word ‘should’ and your goals. :-)) I am here to help you flourish – to reach your full potential, to work with meaning, and to live with purpose!
And guess what? By doing that, in and of itself, you start to change the world.
So if you’d like to experience coaching with me, click here and let’s talk. In the meantime, here are three things you can do right now to start moving toward your ridiculously awesome goals:
1. Ask yourself the questions I posed above. Ponder them in your journal, while out on a meditative walk, or during your morning practice.
2. Create a big list of ‘wins’. I often refer to this as a Celebration of Triumphs, and it’s a great opportunity to remember all you’ve achieved (big or small, personal or professional) while also providing clues into your values, purpose, and what success means to you.
3. Finish this sentence: “This might sound ridiculous, but what I’d love to do is ______________.”
I truly hope 2021 proves to be your most ridiculously awesome year yet! Reach out if I can help, and know that I am rooting for you!
If you or someone you know needs a boost with goals, a great place to start is with my complimentary Big Dreams, Bold Goals! e-book –¬†you can download¬†it here!

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