Measuring Non-Measurable Goals

If we can't measure the results in a spreadsheet or chart, do they still count?
Christi Hegstad January 24th, 2021
We all want to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’ – wherever ‘there’ is for us. … I love it when I realize I’m standing in a ‘here’ place that used to be a ‘there’ place. –¬†Christine Caine
This week, I am leading a 2021 goal-setting session for achievers. One of my favorite components of this course: How to measure goals that seem unquantifiable.
It can be so easy to discredit growth when we can’t mark it on a spreadsheet, for example, or note it on a bank statement.
But does that make it any less worthwhile, any less significant?
Absolutely not.
In fact, I’d argue that the seemingly non-measurable types of growth typically lead to the greatest successes and transformations!
This week, examine your non-measured growth.
What can you do now that you couldn’t last year at this time?
What has become a habit that, at some point in the past, felt practically impossible to even get started?
What now feels easy – or easier – compared to three years ago?
You have grown in countless ways, even if you can’t always measure it with a number.
This week, acknowledge and celebrate your growth. Let it serve as a springboard for your future ‘from here to there’ experiences!
If you’d like a goal-setting session of your own,¬†contact me ASAP!

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