Making Your Priorities Your Priority

Have you ever noticed that if *everything* is important, then really *nothing* is important?
Christi Hegstad March 2nd, 2020

Health. Career. Kids. Fitness. Personal growth. Friends. Extended family. Financial wellbeing…

The list of potential priorities could extend for miles.

Which ones matter most to you?

Maybe you have a difficult time deciding.

But maybe you’ve also learned that if everything is important, essentially nothing is important.

This week, make your priorities your priority.

Decide what your top priorities are at this time.

Then, pull out your weekly calendar and schedule time for them.

Honor that time as if you were paying someone $1,000 per hour for it.

Next weekend, review how it felt to schedule your priorities and honor them fully. I bet words like ‘fulfilling’ and ‘purposeful’ and ‘intentional’ will land at the forefront!

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