Make Yourself A Champion

A tricky balancing act with goals involves envisioning the ideal outcome while not *clinging* to it. Here's what to do.
Christi Hegstad November 18th, 2019


“When it comes to our time, we should stop worrying
 about the outcomes we can’t control and instead focus on the inputs we can.”
Nir Eyal

It probably comes as no surprise that I am a big fan of goals. By envisioning what could be, connecting with our purpose, and creating a plan for achievement, we focus our energy more directly on what matters to us.

One of the trickiest balancing acts with goals, however, is envisioning the ideal outcome – but not clinging to it.

Last week, many of our ASPIRE Success Club members shared the status of their 2019 Bold Goal, which they each set at the start of the year. This is honestly one of my favorite times of the year, hearing how their consistent actions and healthy risks and ‘seed planting’ throughout the year has led them to their goal – or something better / different / delightfully surprising!

This week, focus on doing the work.

We have 6 weeks remaining in 2019. Instead of expending a bunch of energy worrying if you will reach your year-end goals, focus that energy on taking the daily actions – the ‘inputs,’ as Eyal calls them.

You might also choose to upgrade those actions – reaching out to ten people each day instead of five, or writing 1,000 words per day rather than 500, for example.

As they say, the champion isn’t made on game day – she or he is made in the trainings, practices, and dedicated actions leading up to that grand finale. Hold your vision high, and then focus on what you can control: Taking the consistent, focused, results-oriented actions that will move you forward!

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