Make A Decision Already!

Waffling in indecision can be exhausting and consuming. Implement these ideas for making strong, confident decisions instead!
Christi Hegstad October 22nd, 2020
The title of this article comes from words I would often say to myself, and not in the kindest tone, years ago.
At the time, I could waffle in indecision with the best of ’em:
I’d research possibilities endlessly, resulting in a pile of notes and a hefty case of analysis paralysis.
Or I’d ask ten different people what they would do and end up, of course, with ten different answers.
Or I’d finally make a decision (hooray!), only to spend hours (days, weeks) second-guessing myself and wondering if I made the right choice.
It was utterly and completely exhausting!

Decision-Making 2.0

Even the most confident among us struggle at times with decision-making – and in vastly different ways.
Some can make business decisions in seconds but agonize over their next lawn furniture purchase.
Others can quickly and confidently decide to move the family across the country for a new job, then spend six months and countless swatches deciding what color to paint their office.
Wherever you wrestle with indecision, consider these ideas:

Consult Your Purpose.

When I look at anything through the lens of my purpose, which is steeped in my core values, I feel like a ship captain who has spotted a lighthouse on a foggy night. If you have a Purpose Statement, use it as your decision-making filter. (If you don’t have one, let’s chat!)

Create A Helpful Guiding Principle.

Around the time I wrote my Purpose Statement, I also adopted a brief set of Guiding Principles – quick ‘life reminders’ to keep front-and-center. Principle #1 for me was, and still is, Decide And Take Action. This simple statement helps me do the necessary homework, make a decision, then take an action in favor of that decision.

Review Your Personal History.

Look at decisions you’ve made in the past that turned out excellent. What patterns do you notice in your decision-making process? What feeling comes over you when you know you’ve made a strong choice? Your own past experience can provide valuable clues for future decisions.

Onward and Upward (For The Most Part!)

I’d love to say I now make all decisions with ease. :-)
The truth is, I can still get tripped up at times. The above-mentioned techniques, however, tend to move me more smoothly from a harsh “Make a decision already!” to a clear and purposeful choice.
What decision are you currently grappling with? Take a deep breath. Consult your purpose, principles, and personal experience. Then make your decision with clarity and confidence!
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