Loosening The Grip of Perfection

Does striving for perfection get you farther ahead - or does it actually hold you back?
Christi Hegstad May 17th, 2021

The quality of our lives is not measured by the amount of time we spend in a state of perfection. – Nagoski + Nagoski

I suspect if you routinely read my posts, you are an achiever: You enjoy a sense of accomplishment, you like to check things off the list, you appreciate it when someone acknowledges your work.
Achievement is terrific.
Striving for excellence – fantastic.
Expecting perfection every time – well, this likely isn’t serving you or anyone around you.
This week, celebrate action – even if it’s imperfect.
I’ve read a ridiculous amount of personal development books in my lifetime, and I’ve noticed a common theme among them (as well as in practice):
We can think and think and think about something – making a change, achieving a goal – but we won’t see results until we take action.
Make it a small action if necessary.
Celebrate taking the action. (Make it a box you check off for added satisfaction!)
Pause, assess, then take the next action.
Worry less about perfection and focus more on progress, movement, and growth. You’ll achieve a lot more, and feel much more fulfilled, this way!
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