Living A Deep Life

How much of your conversation - or your life - feels surface-level these days?
Christi Hegstad June 4th, 2019

“A deep life is a good life, any way you look at it.” – Cal Newport

A while ago, I posed this question on Instagram:

“Does anyone else love deep, meaningful conversations? Like, to the point where you can hardly do small talk anymore?”

By and large, the response indicated a great love of those beautiful conversations – the ones where you truly feel heard, laugh until you cry, experience an aha! moment, or feel more deeply connected to the person with whom you are speaking.

How much of your conversation feels surface-level these days? How much of your life does?

This week, go deep.

Look at various autopilot actions in your day-to-day experience and ask yourself, How could I make this more meaningful?

Maybe instead of just a ‘like’ on Facebook, you handwrite a note of congratulations and pop it in the mail.

Maybe at the staff meeting, you start by asking everyone to share one thing for which they feel grateful.

Maybe you keep your cell phone in the car the next time you meet a friend for coffee.

How could you bring more depth into your every day work and life this week?

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