Lessons Learned – October 2023

Every month - every day - brings about its own share of lessons. Here are a few that stood out to me in October.
Christi Hegstad November 1st, 2023

Whether it’s curbing overthinking, savoring the moment, or watching people I love doing what they love, lessons flourished in October. I hope you enjoy my little monthly note to self!

1. Time with the trees is time well-spent.

2. Sitting around wishing things would change rarely leads to things changing.

3. Making memories is important. But so is enjoying the tiny, delight-filled moments – however fleeting.

4. You could ‘what if’ your way through 872 possible scenarios and still be surprised by the one that actually occurs.

5. When you feel in a fog, sometimes the cure is fresh air or long walks or decluttering. And sometimes it’s rewriting your entire business plan from scratch.

6. Putting a book in a Little Free Library, then seeing it gone 15 minutes later, is its own kind of joy.

7. Do your due diligence, make your decision, then take an action in favor of that decision. This method serves you well.

8. Whatever your hobby or passion, there’s probably a community around it, and they are probably awesome.

9. When someone ‘makes it look easy,’ it’s often because of hours, years, even decades of effort behind the scenes.

10. “Does it even count if it’s not shared on social media?” Yes. Yes it does.

Do any of these resonate with you? Let me know!

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