Lessons Learned – February 2024

My monthly wrap-up of the lessons I learned, relearned, and will probably learn again in the future!
Christi Hegstad February 28th, 2024

For me, February was a month of new experiences, facing some fears, and trusting. Here are a few of my ‘take-home lessons’ from the month, also known as my monthly note-to-self:

1. Be a beginner.

Several firsts occurred this month, and often in front of others. I survived! And in every single instance, I learned.

2. Change what’s yours to change.

Part 2 of this – and often the harder part – is to also let go of, adapt to, or make peace with what isn’t.

3. Don’t try to keep all the balls in the air, all the time.

Instead of trying to juggle 783 responsibilities all at once and all the time, choose the ones that matter most, and focus energy and attention there.

4. Make your own sunshine.

I noticed the gray skies and shortened daylight periods were really getting to me, so I added some twinkle lights and another small lamp to my office. Voila! Helpful additions until spring sunshine returns.

5. “Fix or delete.”

I first heard this phrase from one of the hosts of the Books Unbound podcast and it has stuck with me ever since. If something is taking up mental energy, either fix it or delete it – rather than letting it linger endlessly in your psyche.

6. Learn from history – specifically your own.

Our own personal histories are often our best teachers. When did you feel on top of your game, what factors contributed to that, and which of those might you bring back now?

7. Leverage the all-or-nothing.

Instead of lambasting your all-or-nothing tendencies, look for places to lean into them. Saying, ‘I won’t drink any soda during Lent,’ for example, can be easier than trying to play ‘will I / won’t I’ in each individual situation.

8. Design a vision board for your time.

Map out your ideal week, including how many hours you ideally spend at work, how many evenings you eat dinner as a family, what you do during your free time. It may not happen overnight, but this offers a vision to move towards.

9. Ask, ‘What lights you up?’

Mastering the crossword puzzle, listening to baroque music, reading mysteries, walking the dogs, learning genealogy… little compares to hearing (and watching!) people talk about their passions!

10. Trust.

In yourself, in others, in the fact that everything is going to work out.

What lessons were brought to the forefront for you this month?

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