January 2024 – Reading Wrap-up!

A quick recap of my reading this month!
Christi Hegstad January 31st, 2024

January proved to be an excellent reading month for me! And between listening to audiobooks while traveling and cozying up with books when the wind chills stayed at -40 degrees for multiple days, it was a productive one as well.

I read 9 books in January, including 6 nonfiction and 3 fiction. My favorite nonfiction of the month was How To Know A Person by David Brooks. Here’s an excerpt of the LinkedIn post I wrote upon finishing:

At its core, How To Know A Person focuses on how to help others truly feel seen, heard, and valued. Brooks touches on topics like vulnerability, empathy, grief, and asking thoughtful questions, as well as the significance of being there for others even when we don’t know the ‘right words’ to say. I was unexpectedly brought to tears with a few of the stories he shared, particularly around what we might think of as ‘small’ moments that can actually turn out to be incredibly deep and meaningful.

(You can find more @ChristiHegstad on LinkedIn.)

If you wish to strengthen certain relationships, connect more deeply with others, or engage in a profession that includes regular one-on-one conversations (ie, coaches, managers, and more), consider giving this a read!

Have you read this or other books by David Brooks? What other excellent book(s) have you read recently?

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