Inviting Inner Calm

How do you invite or restore a sense of inner calm? Here are over 3 dozen ideas to get you started.
Christi Hegstad March 25th, 2020

Every day or so, I am posting a Connection Question over on my Facebook business page. Sometimes they are coaching questions, sometimes mindset or positive psychology-related questions, and sometimes just-for-fun questions. My hope is that these prompts help you connect with your own wisdom and purpose, as well as with others in our outstanding and purposeful community. Feel free to join the conversation!

Today’s question: What brings you a sense of inner calm?

If you feel a bit wonky these days, you are not alone. This is a beautiful time to continue – or perhaps start – some practices that serve you well. Below you’ll find over 3 dozen ideas to consider:

Start a Positivity, Gratitude, and/or Success Journal


Help empower someone

Read something inspirational


Meditate (Insight Timer can be a great place to start!)

Meaningfully connect with someone

Smile for 30 seconds


Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for tea

Clean up your space (desk or reading nook, for example)

Set a daily intention


Create (ie, paint, write a song, bake bread)

Record 3 gratitudes

Remember and focus on what you can influence

Take an action toward (or set) a goal


Organize something (a bookshelf, for example)

Pet a dog or cat

Write and/or recite affirmations

Mindfully take in your surroundings

Ask ‘How might I help someone today?’

Femme et repos

Go for a walk (outdoors if possible)

Take some fun or clever photos

Do a power pose

Talk with an uplifting friend

Draw / doodle

Be a conscious consumer

Share ridiculous jokes with a friend or family member


Write in a journal

Listen to an uplifting audiobook, podcast, or affirmation reading

Tend your plants

Make a list of joyful and/or calming activities

State a mantra

Spa - Natural Alternative Therapy With Massage Stones And Waterlily In Water


Take deep intentional breaths

Write (or read) a poem


Take a bath

Choose a healthy new habit to start

Reach your arms to the sky for a few moments

Savor a beverage or food item

Put your hands on your heart

Review your vision statement, purpose statement, values

Ask yourself, “What do I need in this moment?”

Which one resonates most with you? Which one would you add? Share your thoughts on Facebook! And know that I am cheering for you, supporting you, and wishing you a day and a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Christi Hegstad, PhD, PCC is the Certified Executive + Personal Coach for difference-making achievers! Clarify your vision, free up time, and confidently reach bold goals with meaning and purpose! Contact us today for coaching, speaking, and Mastermind opportunities, or click here and fill in the blue box to join our email community.

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