Impostor Syndrome, Anyone?

Do you credit your success to luck? Worry about getting 'found out' despite your accomplishments? You may be experiencing impostor syndrome.
Christi Hegstad September 24th, 2019

Not long ago, a coaching client with an extraordinary track record of experience and success was invited to speak on an expert panel. Her initial thought? ‘But I’m not the expert!’

She wondered if they had invited her by mistake, then worried she might not be able to answer all the questions. She was considering backing out of the engagement.

Oh, impostor syndrome … how subtly you can weave your way into our lives!

You’ve probably heard of impostor syndrome, and maybe have even felt it yourself. In brief, people experiencing impostor syndrome may question their success or credit luck, timing, or other external reasons; they may even worry they’ll be ‘found out’ despite their record of accomplishments.

It can appear at different times and in different ways and, if gone unchecked, impostor syndrome can hold us back from opportunities for growth, joy, and making a positive difference.

One action you can take to get started on the path of owning your success is an expanded version of what I call The Celebration of Triumphs. Pull out your journal and start making some lists (I’ve included a few examples for each as well):

* Experience (classes, real-life experiences, wins, ‘in the zone’ moments)

* Ways your work – or wherever you’re feeling impostor-y – makes a difference (saves people time, empowers others, provides a service, offers hope)

* Lives you’ve impacted (customers, coworkers, friends, family, community)

Continue adding to your lists over time, and you’ll start to have great visible proof to support your confidence.

My client did go on to serve on the panel, had a blast, and no doubt positively impacted some lives!

Don’t let impostor syndrome keep you from living your best life. And send an email if you’d like to discuss coaching possibilities!

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