How To Be CEO Of Your Own Life

You may be surprised how transferable your skills are between work, home, and other areas of life!
Christi Hegstad July 16th, 2019

Earlier this year, I began working with a client who had reached extraordinary success in her business but had begun feeling like an underperformer in life. She sought coaching in order to get a better handle on her time, relationships, health, and other key areas – while still keeping the business top-notch.

I suggested that the strategies and skills she utilized to elevate her business could, with just a bit of shifting, also elevate her life. We took some of her greatest strengths and mindset practices from her CEO role and applied them to other areas of her life, leading to both immediate and lasting results.

You might be surprised how transferable your skills are – whether between jobs, between home and work, between parenting and leadership. Below you’ll discover 5 concepts I have found especially helpful both in leading my company and in leading my life!


1. Be a visionary.

Where do you see yourself, your family, your department or business a year from now? How about 5 years from now? Crafting a compelling and magnetic vision clears the path and makes designing the action plan so much easier. Hold your vision high to avoid getting lost in the weeds.


2. Set – and track – meaningful goals.

Once you have that clear and compelling vision, make sure you’re moving toward it by regularly assessing progress on your big-picture goals. A Weekly Review + Planning Session, coupled with a daily reminder of your vision and goals, can be instrumental in this.



3. Surround yourself with brilliance.

When I was 6 years old, I cut my own hair and learned a very valuable lesson: Some things are best left to the experts! :-) Whether it’s the people you hire or those you go to for advice and encouragement, surround yourself with inspiration and brilliance.


4. Coach vs. dictate.

In business, family life, even when talking to yourself, you can greatly impact action and a sense of ownership with the words you choose. I bet you’ll see a difference, for example, between ‘How would doing this positively impact your life?’ and ‘Because I said so.’


5. Have some FUN already!

It’s easy to get caught up in the tasks that keep everything afloat, but doing so to the extreme is also a good way to hit burnout. Periodically change your scenery. Turn up the music. Bring a 96-pack of crayons and a stack of paper into the kitchen or break room. Schedule fun if you need to!


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