How To Achieve Overwhelming Goals

Feel like your goals are too big, will require too much work, or will take too long? Start here.
Christi Hegstad February 9th, 2020

I have spent much of the past month leading Big Dreams, Bold Goals! workshops, as well as helping coaching clients and ASPIRE Success Club members craft their goals for the year. To say I’m inspired by them is a massive understatement!

As you look at your dreams and goals, you may feel daunted by their size, the amount of work required, or the time they will take.

But you know what? The time will pass regardless.

Why not spend it in pursuit of meaningful, purposeful goals?

This week, break your goal into manageable pieces.

To see ‘Write my book’ on your Thursday to-do list would naturally feel a bit overwhelming.

But what if one week you complete a loose outline?
And another week you draft the first section of chapter one?
And the next week you challenge yourself to write 500 words per day?
And then you finish chapter one?

Starting with the end in mind, work backwards to break your goal into quarterly, monthly, and weekly milestones. Then, each day, only focus on what you want to complete to reach your weekly milestone, rather than thinking of the goal in its entirety.

The time will pass … and you will achieve your goal!

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