How Do You Assess Your Week?

Do you take a few moments to assess the week that's wrapping up before moving on to the next? What questions do you ask yourself?
Christi Hegstad April 17th, 2021

Do you review the week that’s wrapping up before planning for the one ahead?

The weekly review is one of my favorite personal development routines. It only takes a few minutes but really helps me focus on key moments and learnings from the week that’s ending before delving in to the next.

Lately, here’s what I’ve been assessing each week:

– Wins

– Challenges

– Lessons learned

– Progress made on my top goals

– What I read or heard that made an impression (books, podcasts, etc)

– What I created (course content, blog post, new recipe, etc)

– Gratitudes

– What to focus on next week

I typically just write a few bullet-point items for each. Not only is this practice helpful in the moment (and allows for immediate course-correcting where needed), it’s also interesting to flip back through over time!

Do you conduct a routine check-in with yourself? What questions do you ask?

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