The Head, The Heart, And Courage

What helps you take healthy, courageous, purposeful action?
Christi Hegstad April 19th, 2021

Fear lives in the head. And courage lives in the heart. The job is to get from one to the other. – Louise Penny

I recently had to have a conversation that I was very scared to have.

If you could have seen the mental and physical prep I conducted beforehand, you probably would have wondered what in the world you were witnessing!
But the conversation was important, and I wanted to prepare my head and my heart as well as possible.
This week, take a healthy, courageous action.
Consider what helps you prepare your head and heart for courageous, purposeful action.
Some ideas:

* Positive self-talk

* Envisioning the ideal outcome

* Calling on past courageous actions you’ve taken

* Quieting inner ‘chatter’ through mindfulness

* Mapping out key points to keep top of mind

What will help you take a healthy, purposeful, courageous action this week?
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