Goals, Values, and the Ultimate Motivator

If you've ever set a goal and not reached it, you might be missing this vital checkpoint.
Christi Hegstad January 15th, 2020
I don’t want to waste my time. I don’t want to compromise on my values. I want to be the best person I can be, living a life I love and making a contribution to the lives of others.
Kristina Karlsson

Do you ever get really excited about a goal or resolution, fully convinced that this is the year you will achieve it … only to lose steam a few weeks in?

There is a vitally important aspect of successful goal-setting that’s not often discussed:

Your core values.

If your goals aren’t aligned with your values, you’re likely going to struggle with them.

This week, check in with your goals via your values.

Pull out (or write out) your list of values, the 3-5 non-negotiables in your life that signify you at your core and serve as your compass.

Then, look at each of your goals through the lens of your values, asking yourself how they connect. Consider how that connection can fuel your energy and motivation going forward.

And if you don’t see a link, consider tweaking your goals.

Values = the natural motivator!

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