Are Your Goals Focused In The Right Direction?

Are you moving toward what you wish to create, or away from what you're ready to leave?
Christi Hegstad July 5th, 2021
The moral of the story is this: We thrive when we have a positive goal to move toward, not just a negative state we’re trying to move away from.
Emily Nagoski + Amelia Nagoski
As we kick off a brand new quarter, what goals will you be moving toward?
What are you excited to celebrate on September 30?
In my Bold Goal trainings, I always emphasize the importance of wording, focusing on, and moving toward what you want to create – not what you wish to eliminate.
It’s a subtle but important difference, especially when you’re reviewing or rewriting your goals every day!
This week, write (or rewrite) your goals in the positive.
Take a look at your Q3 goals – or even your goals for this week.
Are they focused on where you want to be?
Are they worded positively?
Do they prompt a clear vision in your mind of what you’re creating?
Play around with the wording. (For more, visit this article from the archives.) This quarter, put your energy toward what lights you up!
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