Your Goal Matters To Others

You don't have to choose between reaching bold goals and serving others well.
Christi Hegstad April 22nd, 2019
“You can want to be a top dog and, at the same time, 
be driven to help others.” 
Angela Duckworth

Dr. Christi’s Coaching Tip:

Early in my business, I had difficulty defining my ideal client. Since I focused (and still do) on personal growth and professional development, I naively thought everyone would want what I had to offer.

But as any entrepreneur will tell you, when you try to speak to everyone, you essentially reach no one.

A bit later I finally had a term for them: Meaningful Achievers. People who want to do big, bold things – but with intention, purpose, and in a way that benefits others.

That term has been with me ever since (and, if you’re reading this, probably describes you!).

This week, consider how your goal benefits others.

Moving toward a big dream or Bold Goal will likely require time, energy, focus, and other resources. This can leave many of us pushing it aside, thinking we can’t simultaneously achieve big things while also serving others.


If you struggle with that thought, consider how your dream can benefit those around you. Going back to school could allow you to do homework with your children and model good study skills. Writing your book could help others who have experienced a similar struggle feel less alone. Working with a coach could bring such a strong sense of freedom, confidence, and purpose that your team will want to follow your lead.

You can live a meaningful life of service and achieve boldly. You’re a Meaningful Achiever!

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