How Does Your Goal Help Others?

If you're like my coaching clients, you want to know that your goal benefits others as well as you. Added bonus: Instant motivation!
Christi Hegstad September 1st, 2019

When I’m helping a coaching client set a goal, I always ask a few questions about the purpose behind it:

Why is the goal important to you?

How will your work or life be different once the goal is achieved?

Who else might be positively impacted by this goal?

As I’ve said a million times, reconnecting with your purpose – your why – is the greatest motivator I know. And if you’re like most of my coaching clients, you want to know that your goal not only benefits you, but others as well.

This week, connect your goal to something greater than yourself.

For example, a current client set a goal around strengthening his leadership skills.

Not only does this benefit him in terms of streamlining his workdays and feeling more confident, it helps:

His employees. They become better leaders, both through the responsibilities he delegates to them and the leadership he models for them.

His organization. As his department improves, so does the company culture and bottom line.

His customers. As he and his employees become stronger leaders, they are able to assess and care for client needs more quickly and effectively.

His family. His wife and children will be glad to see him less stressed, working fewer hours, and feeling better about himself.

And the list continues on.

How will achieving your goal benefit others? Let me know – and more importantly, remind yourself. You’ll get an instant motivation boost!

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