Your Fresh Start Begins Today

Are you living the story you want to tell? If so, how will you continue? If not, what will you change?
Christi Hegstad August 2nd, 2017
I’ve kept a journal since age 8 (or “diary” back then :-) ). Each time I begin a new one, I can’t help but flip through the blank pages and breathe in the scent of “newness.” I’m inspired by the possibility of fresh starts, clear space, and possibility!
This week, embrace your own fresh start
Whether or not you keep a journal, each day – each moment – is an opportunity to start fresh, to begin anew, to redefine the meaning and purpose of your work, leadership, and life.
Life is your blank page, and you hold the pen!
Decide today what you want that to look like, then take the actions to honor it. Regardless of how many people you report to or take care of or connect with, YOU are the author of your own story. Choose what you want this chapter to represent, then carry it out in your work, leadership, and life!
Journal in photo by Studio Oh!