Finding Success In – And Between – The Extremes

All or nothing. Go big or go home. Do you ever experience life in the extremes?
Christi Hegstad February 27th, 2019

Sometimes I feel like I teeter between two extremes:

The achiever who wants to reach the top and the meditator who wants to revel in the present moment.

The perfectionist who wants to get everything right and the compassionate soul who wants to savor the messy process.

The visionary who constantly imagines what could be and the detail-oriented doer who wants to check little things off her big list.

All or nothing.

Go big or go home.

Life in the extremes can be both exhilarating and exhausting! And life in the in-between area can require a special kind of intentional effort and patience, too. I believe it’s a continual learning process – a life experiment of sorts – and maybe one that’s not so much ‘figured out’ as it is navigated with purpose, awareness, and as much joy in the moment as possible.

Do you ever experience this? What have you found helpful along the way? Feel free to share your thoughts below, or on Instagram or Facebook!