My Favorite Kind Of Day

What kind of day leaves you feeling the most fulfilled, satisfied, and purposeful?
Christi Hegstad September 22nd, 2022

If you mapped out your ideal ‘regular’ day, what would it look like?

Not a holiday or a day spent on a beach vacation, but just a random Thursday in September, for example?

I have given this a fair amount of thought lately. Partly because now that all my children have graduated from high school, my days look quite different than they have the last two decades!

And partly because I’ve noticed some days can feel so much more fulfilling than others, even though my activities may seem pretty much the same.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Although I veer toward ‘all or nothing’ tendencies, this does not apply when it comes to my favorite kind of day. I love a relaxing vacation day, for instance, but the achiever in me also wants ‘something to show for it.’

At the same time, an entire day of checking things off the list isn’t super fulfilling, either.

My favorite kind of day includes a healthy blend of both productivity and peacefulness.

Now, this probably doesn’t seem like world-changing news. But it has changed things – pretty significantly, actually! – in my world.

I still conduct my Weekly R+P session as I have for years. When it comes to each day, however, I make sure I’ve mapped out both productivity (progress toward long-term goals and small tasks that I can check off the list, for instance) and peacefulness (a walk in nature, dinner with a friend, or an evening of cross-stitch, e.g.). They aren’t necessarily in 50/50 proportions, but both ideally make a healthy appearance.

Since this mini-revelation, I have been more intentional about making sure my days reflect this blend as much as possible.

And I must say, it’s made a difference!

What do your favorite days include? When do you feel most fulfilled and purposeful? Consider mapping this out in a bit of detail, then adjusting your days accordingly.

Here’s to experiencing even more of your favorite kind of day!

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