Everything Is Figureoutable: A Few Book Takeaways

A few of my takeaways from Marie Forleo's book, Everything Is Figureoutable.
Christi Hegstad April 1st, 2020

“You never get stronger if you only do easy things,” writes Marie Forleo. Does anyone feel like they must be gaining super-strength lately?

I am re-reading Forleo’s wonderfully empowering book, Everything Is Figureoutable, in preparation for some coaching and facilitation work this month. I love her no-nonsense, no-excuses approach reminding us that we are resourceful, capable, and stronger than we realize.

She also emphasizes the power and importance of BELIEF: Believing in ourselves and our ability to figure things out, even if we don’t always feel like we have the answers. 

Think of the people you admire who have made a difference in our world. “Could you imagine,” she asks, “if Malala Yousafzai felt she wasn’t old enough, privileged enough, or strong enough to champion girls’ education?” It all starts with our belief, with our mindset. And this is something we can change, influence, and strengthen – even when things around us feel uncontrollable and/or as if they are changing at a rapid pace.

“There are countless people out there who need the gifts that you and you alone are here to give,” writes Forleo, and I wholeheartedly agree. A strengthening and empowering book for sure!

Do you believe everything is figureoutable? What might change if you adopted that belief for a while?

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