Easing The Weight Of Responsibility

What do you do when the weight of responsibility feels a bit too heavy?
Christi Hegstad August 15th, 2023

“I feel 100% responsible for 100% of the things 100% of the time…”

Can you relate?

I work primarily with ‘meaningful achievers’ – people who strive for bold, difference-making goals but in a purposeful and intentional way. And whether we’re talking about business ownership, leadership, household management, or another role, the weight of responsibility can feel overwhelming at times.

This often becomes one of the most important topics we coach through: How to honor our ‘inner achiever’ while also maintaining a healthy sense of balance/harmony.

We can do this in any number of ways:

Practicing effective and open communication with those around us,

Hiring a coach or other professional to support us,


Prioritizing, or

Recognizing that not all areas require 100% effort at all times and allocating accordingly.

If you feel 100% responsible for 100% of the things 100% of the time, consider one of the above ideas, or pull out a blank piece of paper and brainstorm ideas for yourself. Then, take an action to ease the weight so you can focus your energy effectively.

What other ideas would you add? Share your tips and wisdom below!

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