Does Your Company Make Lives Better?

Christi Hegstad July 29th, 2013


“All organizations exist to make people’s lives better. Now that doesn’t mean that all organizations make people’s lives better in major, transformational ways, nor that they make all people’s lives better. Nonetheless, every organization must contribute in some way to a better world for some group of people, because if it doesn’t, it will, and should, go out of business.”

~ Patrick Lencioni

Coaching Tip For The Week:

How does your organization make the world better?

More poignant: How do you – as a leader within that organization – make the world better?

This is one of the first questions an organization – or an individual – must address when clarifying your purpose. Once you know how you contribute to a better world, you can take more strategic, streamlined actions that support your purpose.

It’s incredibly liberating!

This week, jot down your responses to one – or both – of the above questions. Brainstorm a number of responses to start, then see if you can hone in on the one that truly captures it for you. Notice how clarifying this essential piece changes you, your actions, and your approaches as you move forward through your week – and beyond.

What’s your purpose at work? I’d love to hear your thoughts below, on Facebook, or via Twitter. To uncover and implement your purpose at work, join us for Spark – we’re still months away but nearly halfway filled!

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